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Spark Spectrometer | S1 MiniLab 150

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Spark Spectrometer | S1 MiniLab 150

S1 MiniLab 150 spectrometer Overview 

S1 MiniLab 150 is a Multi Matrix Spectrometer for Ferrous metals, Aluminium and Copper alloys. 

The S1 MiniLab 150 spectrometer is one of the smallest and lightest compact optical emission spectrometers available on the market with outstanding analytical results in this category. 

The S1 MiniLab 150 spectrometer can mount up to 4 high resolution CCD with 3.648 elements to

ensure a spectral resolution of <15pm. The innovative argon purged optic, with an argon

consumption of 10 l/day, ensures the maximum light transparency, also in UV region, at a

negligibile cost. It is equipped with the software "Single Sample Standardization", which allows to

standardize the unit with one single sample for several bases. Wiesmüller provides a

spectrometer which comprises of three main attributes, client focused usage, low maintenance cost

and advanced optical and electric component technology.


  • Iron and Steel and its alloys 
  • Copper and its alloys 
  • Aluminum and its alloys

Technical Data

 Optical System 

  • Optical Air System: Multi High Resolution CCD system with up to 4 CCD solid state detectors depending on required applications
  • High luminosity holographic grating
  • Argon purged optical chamber with Proprietary Low Consumption Argon device
  • Stabilized against fluctuation in temperature 

 Other Information

  • Power Supply: 110/220 V AC 16 A 1 KW
  • Dimensions: W 50 x L 59 x H 31 cm
  • Weight: 35 Kg


MetalLab32 Software, operating in Windows environment, is the GNR proprietary SW very functional and easy to use.

Operator can use all the spectrometer's functions in a flexible way and cover all the requirements. 

Some of the most important functions are listed:  

  • Analysis 
  • Automatic Standardization 
  • Printing of the Certificates 
  • Determination of alloys in accordance to international norms (UNI, ASTM, DIN, ...) 
  • Network linking and remote control 
  • Autodiagnosis 




The proposed MINILAB 150 is equipped with:

  • Optical system
  • Optical lines
  • Control, Acquisition Electronics and read out system
  • Spark Source
  • Spark Stand
  • Software
  • Control station : computer ( optional )


  • Multi High Resolution CCD Multi detectors (Charge Coupled Device) system with up to 4 CCD solid state detectors depending on the application.
  • Each CCD has 3,648 active elements (pixels equivalent)
  • High luminosity holographic grating with 3600 grooves per mm.
  • Stabilized against fluctuations in temperature
  • Special material for drift free
  • Focal length 150 mm for all optical systems
  • Spectral optical wavelength 178 - 460 nm.
  • Automatic profiling full optical system
  • Argon purged optical chamber sealed against light and dust.
  • Proprietary low consumption argon device ( 10l/day in standby)


  • Dimension : H 310 mm ; D 590 mm ; W 500 mm.
  • Weight: approx. 35 Kg


  • 110/220V +/-10%, single phase,
  • 50/60Hz 16A, <1.0 KVA


  • Working temperature range: +10°C- +35°C 
  • Working humidity: 15–85%
  • Argon upstream pressure: ~200

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