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X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer | MESA-50

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X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer | MESA-50


HORIBA Scientific announces our new MESA-50 EDXRF analyzer.  The MESA 50 was designed for businesses needing to screen samples containing hazardous elements, such as lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, bromine for RoHS, End of Life compliance, and chlorine for halogen-free applications.

MESA-50 provides user friendly operation and excellent performance and supports ecological procurement, contributing not only to EU RoHS and ELV compliance testing, but also  regulatory work for many other countries.


The MESA-50 includes three analysis diameters, suitable for every sample, from thin cables and electronic parts to bulk samples. Our unique combination of a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) changes the landscape for EDXRF.

MESA-50 was built around the concept of 5S Technology.  

1. Speedy:

  • Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) drastically reduces measurement times, and provides increased sensitivity, for true high throughput analysis.

2. Small:

  • Portable, small footprint and light weight
  • Internal battery power supply

3. Simple:

  • Reduces routine maintenance work (LN2 free operation)
  • No need for vacuum pumps
  • Intuitive simple measurement process for all material types

4. Smart:

  • English/Japanese/Chinese user interfaces
  • Excel® data management tool

5. Safe:

  • No worry about X-ray leakage

MESA-50 is currently available with 4 filters and 3 spot sizes.  A unique filter provides for five hazardous elements to be detected simultaneously. 

  • MESA-50 optics

    MESA-50 with SDD can: 
    1) Increase spectrum intensity and resolution 
    2) Decrease background 
    Compact optical design makes MESA-50 a portable instrument. The small X-ray generator with low power consumption permits the battery powered mode.

Blue:MESA-50(φ1.2mm), Red:XGT-1000WR(φ1.2mm)
Blue:MESA-50(φ1.2mm), Red:XGT-1000WR(φ1.2mm)

  • Better performance with special filters

    4 filters are included; a unique filter allows seven hazardous elements to be detected simultaneously including Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr, Br, Sb and As.


The X-ray tube target material is optimized for high sensitivity Cl analysis. The MESA-50 doesn't require a vacuum pump for Cl measurement.

Yellow:MESA-50(φ3mm), Red: XGT-1700WR(φ3mm)

  • 3 size collimators

    φ1.2mm, 3mm, 7mm (Automatic switching)
    Operator can select the most suitable collimator size. The precise analysis area is displayed on the optical image. The small 1.2 mm beam means that operators can simply analyze individual cables, without needing to line up multiple cables to cover the X-ray beam area.

  • Simple operation, excellent support tools

    Position the sample 
    The clear optical image from the CCD camera allows easy positioning of the sample. The X-ray beam and CCD image are coaxial, ensuring that the visualized measurement point is precisely analyzed.

Click the measurement button 
Optimized measurement conditions for each material type are assigned to each measurement button (maximum 18 buttons). One click starts the measurement. Operator does not need to set conditions each time, and no filter switching is necessary, thus minimizing possible operator error. Customized measurement buttons can be created, with original settings. Automatically transfer to Excel® with one button click. If internal administration values are registered,OK/NG (No Good) judgments (results vs threshold values) are performed. Measurement report is also made with one button click.



Basic Items


Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Target application

RoHS, ELV, Halogen Free

Meas. Elements

13Al - 92U

Sample type

Solid, Liquid, Powder

X-ray generator

X-ray tube

Max 50kV, 0.2mA

X-ray irradiation size

1.2mm, 3mm, 7mm (Automatic switching)

X-ray primary filter

4 types (Automatic switching)



SDD (Silicon Drift Detector)

Signal processor

Digital pulse processor

Sample chamber



Sample observation

CCD camera



PC (Windows® 7)

Power supply

AC adapter (100-240V, 50/60Hz)


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