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available- Spark Spectrometer | JY 28

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available- Spark Spectrometer | JY 28

With the Spark Spectrometer JY 28 Analysis under control

The analysis of the JY 28 are demonstrably reliable, pracise and accurate.

Once set up the Working procedures, a single key press is required to perform measurements.

The on line monitoring of Controls guarantees the validity of the results. 

he use of "traffic light" colours makes interpretation easy. 


Quality of the calibration

Accurate results can only be obtained through high quality calibration of the instrument. The JY 28 can be factory calibrated using internationally recognised Cedified Reference Materials.

The Jobin Yvon softvare includes a revolutionary approach ta calibration, whereby ease of use is assured by the outstanding power of the mathematical calculations incorporated. 


Software capabilities

The Windows software used with the JY 28 allows connection of the instrument to a network, immediate transfer of results to remote terminals and charges correction.

High graphics quality, easy to use, SPC procedures are also integrated into the software Of the JY 28 to monitor the productions. 


An instrument optimised to the requirements

The optital assembly Öf the JY 28 is vacuum evacuated and thermally regulated to guarantee stability even in demanding environments.

The Spark stand has a Iow Argon consumption (flow less than 3 l/mn during analysis) to minimise the analysis cost. 

Technical Specifications


  • Paschen Runge Optical mounting
  • Tiermally stabilised (+-0.1 'C)
  • Focal length: 75cm
  • Jobin- Yvon hobographic grating: 2400 qr/mm, zetodur material
  • Spectral Range 162•590 nm
  • Linear disoersian 0.55 nm/rnm
  • Vacuum pump with oil trap 
  • Laser etched metallic mask
  • Up to 28 analytical lines possible


  • Low Argon usage <3L/mn during analysis.
  • Rernovable Spark Stand.
  • Dust recovery.
  • Sample weight up to 35 kg.


  • Immune to variations in line power (+-10%)
  • Unidirectional discharge with enhanced prespark,
  • Discharge parameters optimised for different matrices.
  • Specific excitation of major and trace elements.


  • Linear measurenent range up to 10^6 second.
  • Optimized detectör power supply.


  • 486 DX, DEC, IBM, or compatible.
  • 8Mb RAM.
  • 270 Mb Hard Disk.
  • 1.44 Mb flppy disk drive.
  • SVGA coLour rnonitor.
  • Parallel and serial ports
  • QWERTY keyboard and Mouse
  • Mathematical coprmessor
  • Operating systems preinstalled:
  • Windows 3.11 or Windows 95,
  • Ink jet printer.


Windows software.

All ot sottware functions are included (no options).

  • Different level of use. password proletted.
  • Complete control of analytical procedures. operators work and validity of analytical data. according to customised specifications.
  • Self- explanatory icons and Iogical step by step procedures.
  • At the Iowest level this means a single key-press tor analysis.
  • Automatic identification of norms.
  • Charge calculation and corrections with minimum cost.
  • Automatic elimination of poor analyses.
  • Production Management and on-line monitoring of controls through high graphic quality, easy to use SPC (Statistical Process Control),
  • Transmission of results using serial communications.
  • Multiple transmissions (special optional hardware contiguration reauired). 
  • LIMS ard networking compatibility.
  • Customized storage of data and instrument controls to allow full traceability and validity of analysis.
  • Reporting of results, anuytical bulletins and data export in customised formats. The software also includes very powerful but simple to operate functions which provide optimum calibrations.
  • Determination of instrumental precision.
  • Automatic calculaticn of calibration curves
  • Automatic selection of depending upon the calibration range
  • Automatic interferences identitification.
  • Estimation of empirical risks (extremety useful when only a few standards are used calibration). Autornatic calculation of corrected curves with multiuariable regression.


  • Mechanical stability Shock absorbers.
  • Spark stand Wire holder accessory.
  • Computer configuration Computer table of the same colour as the instrument-
  • Ing jet colour printer.
  • Other computer configuration on request.
  • Transmission of results Access to remote terminals. Supply terminals and/or printers.
  • Line regulator for computer and Electronics in case of minor line disturbances.
  • Uninterrupted power supply 3kVA generating a stabili\ed vollage
  • for the whole instrument in case of major disturbances.
  • Machines for sampl preparation lathes, punch and die grinders etc.
  • Gas purifier for Argon. Ensures high quality Argon.



  • Electric Consumgtion 2kW.
  • 220V, single phase, 16A
  • Width 66 cm. Height 120 cm. Depth 120 cm, Weignt 200 kg. 


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