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GDL Spectrometer | Plasma Profiling TOFMS™

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GDL Spectrometer | Plasma Profiling TOFMS™


This new instrumentation combines the speed of the GD plasma sputtering process with the rapidity and sensitivity of a Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer. Following a research phase conducted during a EU project (, the instrument will be available from 2012 but prototypes are already available at HORIBA Jobin Yvon for demonstration.

The Plasma Profiling TOFMS offers higher sensitivity than GD OES and provides isotopic and molecular profiles.


  • Fast switching gate valve to isolate the TOF and vacuum interface stages.
  • Multistage differential pumping.
  • Ultra Fast Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer in orthogonal configuration allowing for measuring transient ion signals generated from RF pulsed plasma.
  • MCP detector for high dynamic real time measurement of all elements at any depth.


Ultra Fast and Sensitive Depth Profile and Bulk Elemental and Ultra Fast Sensitive Depth Isotopic measurement of conductive and non conductive materials and layers. Simultaneous measurement of all elements and compounds from mass 1 to mass 250 – and above if needed – at each depth (for depth profile).


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