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Carbon/Sulfur Combustion Analyzer | EMIA-V2

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Carbon/Sulfur Combustion Analyzer | EMIA-V2


The EMIA-V2 series measures carbon and sulfur extracted during combustion in a programmable High Frequency furnace without conversion. Combustion control is achieved through the use of the high-frequency induction furnace method. Appropriate heat-control in accordance with the analysis objective enables high-precision analysis for all types of samples. A variety of models allow you to select the furnace system that is best suited to your target samples and application.

  • EMIA-920V2 C/S analyzer: High performance analyzers with outstanding accuracy of less than 0.3ppm
  • EMIA-320V C/S analyzer: Standard performance analyzers for wide range of applications.


  • "Auto cleaner" mechanism reduced maintenance works
    (Standard for 920V, Option for 320V2)
  • The Dust filter heating mechanism provides stable analysis with extremely low gas absorption
    (920V2 only)
  • Real-time simultaneous detection of CO/CO2/SO2 without an oxidizing (CO→CO2) or SO3 trapping reagents.
  • Wide variety of self diagnostics
  • Programmed temperature curve for optimizing combustion.
  • Choose from standard or wide range models to suit your application requirements.


EMIA-920V2: series
EMIA-920V2: Simultaneous carbon/sulfur analysis
EMIA-921V2: Carbon analysis
EMIA-922V2: Sulfur analysis


NDIR/ Non Dispersive Infrared Gas Anaryzer
High-frequency furnace method in oxygen flow

Range: Carbon: 0-6,0%, Sulfur: 0-1,0%
Up to 100% wt is possible by decreasing the sample weight.



Concentration less than 20 ppm >>> σn-1≦0.3 ppm
Concentration higher than 20 ppm >>> σn-1≦1 ppm or RSD ≦0.5%


Concentration less than 20 ppm >>> σn-1≦0.3 ppm
Concentration higher than 20 ppm >>> σn-1≦1 ppm or RSD ≦0.75%

Sample weight: 1,0g standard

Sensitivit: 0,01ppm

Analysis time: Normally 30 to 60 seconds(after combustion),varies according to the characteristics of the samples


One-point or multi-point calibration using standard sample

Combustion furnace method/furnace structure

High-frequency induction furnace method with combustion control function (patent pending)
Anode output: 2300W
Frequency: 20MHz
Plate current: Settable up to 500mA
Automatic control possible (10 slopes maximum)
Constant dust filter heating function

Operation gas

Oxygen purity: More than 99.5%
Dry air or nitrogen: Supply pressure 0.35MPa


Interrupt analysis
Self diagnosis
Data storage(Measurement results)
Traceability of calibration curve and measurement conditions
Statistic calculation
Maintenance navigator

Automatic cleaning mechanism: Built-in as standard

Oxygen gas purifying unit: Built-in as standard


Main unit: AC200/220/240V 5kVA 50/60Hz
PC: AC100V, 120/200/220/240V 0.5kVA 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 560(W)×927(D)×950(H)mm Approx.170 kg


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